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the fernando torres community

Fernando José Torres Sanz fans
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Fernando Torres, Liverpool

Welcome to ftorres_9, (what seems to be) the first community on LJ for Liverpool FC's striker Fernando Torres . If you’re a fan or just curious feel free to join. Everyone is welcome.

We have a few guidelines for everyone to follow but they are pretty basic and simple.

01 This is a Fernando Torres community, please stay on topic. News, speculation, videos, interviews, pictures, everything is welcome as long as it is related to Fernando.
02 Please tag your entries (list of tags). Tags are useful as they allow members to easily search through the entries, as well as members can choose to subscribe to specific tags.
03 Be nice and respectful. We don't accept any bashing of other users, Fernando's girlfriend or colleagues etc.
04 Feel free to post your icons, wallpapers and other graphics here. We do not however accept fan fiction (there are plenty of other communities for that). Post up to three teaser icons when you post, it's only nice.
05 When you post articles be sure to link to the source. Also, hotlinking of images is not nice.
06 When you link to your (or someone else's) journal make sure it is not a locked entry.
07 Be sure to use lj-cuts when you make long posts (learn how to).
08 I you wish to promote your community drop the mods a comment.

If you wish to affiliate, send a message to one of the moderators. (PS. As of November 2008 we did a clean up and removed the communities who had not been updated in the last six months. If you want to be re-added just say so.)

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